Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's espresso, not expression

My first battle that I'm going to pick is with coffee. No, not the beverage itself, but the types of people who drink it. There is nothing wrong with chatting with a friend, waking up, keeping awake, or even enjoying yourself with a cup of coffee. There are, however, three types of people who do such activities publicly as to associate themselves with the beverage in order to create an image.
First: The least heinous of the three is the idolizer. This person talks about how much coffee means in their life, and how they cannot function without it etc. This is only bothersome because many people feel this way, but do not feel the need to publicly announce it every day.
Second: is the better than you. This person usually sits in Starbucks to publicly write, (cause what’s the use in writing if no one sees you doing it?) and they usually have a cup of coffee to show how much more classy and refined they are than you. This person usually holds the cup closer to their face in order to display how much they associated with their chic coffee.
Third: The most annoying and fastest growing of all three is the hipster. These people grab a soap box in order to tell people that they don't drink at Starbucks. THEY found an "underground" local coffee shop that no one else knows about. We get it, you like to be different at all costs, but there is no need to let this decision define you.
There is nothing wrong with being cranky before your morning cup of coffee, writing in a Starbucks, or going to some other coffee shop off the beaten path; it would just be nice if you could do so without the world being notified of your actions.

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