Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Im so nerdy..... NO YOURE NOT!

I’m such a nerd but... is the worst possible preface to a sentence a person could possibly use. Since when did it become so popular to be unpopular? When someone uses this clause in order to make them seem uncool or indie it makes me feel so irate because by advertising such a fact you exploit the very thing that makes you unique. It just makes me mad when people whore out their interests for attention. This makes me mad, and I have attention problems!
                This makes no sense either because true nerds rarely admit or draw attention to the aspects of their life that makes them "nerdy." Real nerds don’t go around telling everyone their favorite intellectual book, real nerds stay up till 3 in the morning wikipedia-ing Digimon (not something to be proud of).
                What is this sudden obsession with thick rimmed glasses, and old 90s cartoons? Why do guys and girls just come out of the woodwork to ride this wave of "fashion of the nerds?" This is so enraging because it seems as if all the real nerds can't sporcle chemistry in peace without a huge ordeal being made of someone loving Catcher in the Rye and being nerdy.

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